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Privacy Preserving Fintech Marketplace

How can consumers discover new fintech products while preserving privacy and limiting unnecessary data sharing?


Who will this challenge benefit?

Consumers seeking new fintech products.

With the growth of fintech and the proliferation of new financial products, consumers are now presented with countless choices as to which products best suit their needs. However, the proliferation of financial products doesn’t need to result in a proliferation of consumer data.

Imagine being able to compare fintech products without having to reveal your identity or compromise your most private data. What if you could apply for a credit card, home loan, insurance policy, etc. while preserving your privacy, only revealing your information if you choose to do business with a company? Meanwhile, fintech companies can provide services while staying fully compliant with privacy laws.

Instructions for joining the hackathon challenge    arrow

If you have any questions about the VGS Privacy Preserving Fintech Marketplace Challenge contact

How to join the challenge:

Follow these detailed instructions - 

Here are the steps you should take to join Very Good Security's (VGS) Privacy Preserving Fintech Marketplace Challenge:

  1. Create a team on the CBInsights page for the VGS challenge here. (
  2. Click the sign-up button in the top navigation of this landing page. When signing in use a gmail account adding +cbsinisghts after the main part of your email like this: This is how VGS will identify that you are participating in the Challenge.
  3. Complete the Privacy Preserving Fintech Marketplace Challenge described above. Start date is Oct 16, 2020 ending Nov 10, 2020
  4. Access documentation for the VGS platform here: (
  5. Contact if you have any questions about the challenge.


Main Category

  • Projects will be scored by CBInsights panel of judges on an objective criteria, with finalists selected representing each of three major areas: Banking + Payments, Insurance, Wealth Management or PFM.
  • All finalists will receive a free pass to attend Future of Fintech 2020 and present their projects to the entire audience 
  • One winner and two runners up will be selected by audience vote. 
  • The winning team will receive $5,000; the winning team and runners up will also have the opportunity for a post-event meeting with senior executives from the company that created the challenge
  • All five finalists will have the opportunity to meet with one of the judges of their choice from the judges panel
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Galileo Innovation Award

The Galileo Innovation Award will be given to the team that demonstrates the most innovative use of the Galileo Instant API to build digital banking functionality into their project. A project does not have to address one of the challenges issued by Galileo to be eligible for the Galileo Innovation Award; projects may address any challenge as long as Galileo Instant is incorporated. 

Additional details about the Galileo Innovation Award and access to the API are available on in the Resources section.

The winner of the Galileo Innovation Award will receive $2,000 and a meeting with Galileo CTO Jeff Currier and CEO Clay Wilkes.

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